2011 Wabash Valley Juried Exhibition

This year the Museum received 320 submissions from 115 artists.  The juror, Janie Welker, was tasked with paring this down to around 65 objects. Below is a list of the selected artworks and artists. Congratulations to everyone who was accepted, and those who were not accepted are encouraged to submit again next year.


Artist, Last Artist, First Title
Abas Soulaf Crucifixion
Annarino Dan Where We Be
Bekkering Karen Descend
Bekkering Karen Embrace
Bennett John W. Dragon Trio
Breitigam Kari Leashed
Breitigam Kari Makes a Statement
Brinkman Christy Ephemera
Caltry Amy Gone South
Capek Charles A. Hayfield and Storm #3
Carpenter David Lingerie
Carpenter David Shoes
Corazzo Michele Trail Meditation I
Cunningham David Upon Meditation on the Infinite
Cunningham David In the Heart of Darkness We Find the Truth
Daugherty Lisa Wild Woman- One With All
Dees Philip Taking Flight
Dees Philip Monolith II
Den Houter John Fall Classic
Duffy Tom Monk, Chiangmai, Thailand
Fields Timm Barbara Wake of Buzzards
Gillespie Sarah Moonbeam Nest
Gohn Margaret Connections
Gorcoff Jason Chloe
Hannon David Lost Pilgrimage
Hannon David The Calling
Hedin Ivona Graffiti in Old Linen Factory, Poland
Hedin Ivona Waiting for a Train
Herrold Jennifer A. Sticker Paint by Numbers
Janosko Linda A Tree Grows in Charlotte
Kolben Liz Wonderland
Larmann Ralph M. Coalopolis
Lasater Michael Solving for X
Lasater Michael Act II
Lee Mary Bess His Eye is on the Sparrow
Lowe Cheryle Sunflower
Madeska Ben Bosc Pear
Madeska Ben Rutabaga
Madeska Ben Rib Eye Roast
McNichols-Torroledo Alexandra Encounters No. 3
McNichols-Torroledo Alexandra Encounters No. 4
McNichols-Torroledo Alexandra Encounters No. 5
Millard-Mendez Rob Ship of Ceniuses
Millard-Mendez Rob House for a Perpetually Unlucky Person
Miller Justin Henry She Consumes His Every Thought
Miller Justin Henry Consummation Cake
Nyendick Petra First Fall
Nyendick Petra Blue Ridge 1
Riseling Bob Self Portrait @ St. Elmo Playland
Riseling Bob Portal in Blue
Schartung John Mudhole Bay
Schartung John Chack Bay
Snyder Andrew The Transformation
Snyder Andrew Observing in the Park
Snyder Andrew The Scientists: Subject 4, Experiment 8
Swopes Thomas Homage to MY Caustin Curiosity
Swopes Thomas The Artist
Tice Daniel …Anxiously at the Window
Tice Jackie Kari
Vandenberg Melissa Untitled (Engulfed)
Vandenberg Melissa Measure of a Man
Wolochowicz Stephen Blue Candycoat Inflaion
Wolochowicz Stephen Pink Stripes Balloon Inflation
Ziegler Scott Floating
Ziegler Scott Perception Strikes Again




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