66th Annual Wabash Valley Juried Exhibition

This year, as we transition to a purely digital entry process, I am pleased to report that the Museum received 255 submissions from 88 Wabash Area artists.  Our juror, Dr. Gregory Gilbert of Knox College, was tasked with paring that group down to 50 (or so) accepted works; a task he tackled with great enthusiasm!  Below is the list of accepted submissions.

List of Accepted Submissions for the 2010 Wabash Valley Juried Exhibition

Last Name, First Name, Entry, Title, Medium

Anderson, Deborah Ann, B, Take a Moment,  wood

Annarino, Dan,  A,  Brush with Fame, oil on canvas

Barton, Craig,  A, Glorious Morning in May, photograph

Bekkering, Karen, A, Three of Me, digital print

Bradfield, Rod, B, Front Range, acrylic

Bradfield, Rod, C, Landscape 1-09 St. Road 46, acrylic

Brady, Ruth A., B, Transformation IV, mixed media

Brough, Alyssa, B, Untitled #34, mixed media

Bruning, Peter, B, Landscape with Woman, oil on canvas

Burns, J. Hender, B, Preening, watercolor

Burton, Roxanne, C, Corona Borealis, sterling silver

Caldwell, Erin, A, Specimen, cut paper & color pencil & ink

Campbell, James, B, Syncretismi Cogitatio (Reconciling Diverse Thought), acrylic

Cheek, Edwin, A, Self Portrait, oil on paper & collage

Cunningham, David, B, Meditation, oil on panel

Cunningham, David, C, Dragon, ceramic

David, Tom, C, Lilith, oil on linen

Dees, Philip, C, Birth of a Winged Spirit, steel & paint

DenHouter, John, A, Pray Station, oil

Erickson, David, C, Intransigence, relief print

Gallion, Chad, C, Night Swim, oil on canvas

Garrison, Neil, C, Apollo Shuttlecock, screenprint

Gibson, Ken, B, Gooseberry Bush in Winter (Shakertown), photograph

Hedin, Ivona, C, City Riders, photograph

Herrold, Jennifer, C, Paint by Number Tragedy, mixed media

Hughes, Kristy, C, Girl’s Night In, intaglio

Israelson, Abbigail Knowlton, A, Strangled, watercolor, graphite

Julian, Colby, B, Hast Du Einen Vogel?, intaglio

Kellar, James Jordan, B, Child with Mother, photograph

Kolb, Kazhia , C, Still Life with Books II, oil on canvas

Laster, Michael, A, Visions Fugitive, video

Lattanzio, Fran, C, Cunningham Corner, silver gelatin print

Madeska, Ben, A, Tuna Steak, oil on canvas

May, Allyson, A, Cuneatus, clay

May, Allyson, C, Cimmerian, clay

McAleese, Andrew, A, Interferences, wood

Millard-Mendez, Rob, C, Phaeton Chair, wood & paint

Nafziger, AJ , C, Polyphemus (Self-Portrait), oil on canvas

Nichols-Pethick, Nancy , C, Ephemeroptera, oil on canvas

Nyendick, Petra, A, Orbs, mixed media

Quade, Robert, B, Blue Fire, woods, phone wire

Rehm-Mott, Denise, B, Nature’s Grace, intaglio

Reiser, Troy, A, Painted Woman, gouache on paper

Ries, Michael, A, The Badlands, digital photograph

Schartung, John, B, Intimo, oil on canvas

Schwab, Justin, A, Reminiscences, silver gelatin print

Sermersheim, Julia, C, Sargasso Sea, fiber, mixed media

Tice, Jackie, B, Beam in One’s Eye, oil on canvas

Tingley, Michael, B, Crane’s Farm, mixed media

Whorral, Bill, A, Gorgira, mixed media

Wilke, Christopher, A, Pantheon Reliquary, oak & maple

Woodcock, John, B, Commuter, photograph

Wootton, Beth, A, Storm Coming, photograph

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