A Message from the Swope

On the afternoon of Saturday, September 11 the Swope Art Museum experienced an unfortunate incident where a local individual removed an object from the Museum.  All policies and procedures for such an event were followed by the Museum staff and due to their persistence, and the assistance of the police, the object was recovered within one hour of the incident and the individual was apprehended.  The Museum makes every effort to ensure the highest level of security for its collection and constantly reviews its policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our world-class collection of American art.  In addition, the staff is continually trained to address issues with security and how to deal with emergency situations.  We are prepared to answer any questions from the Media, but please refer them to the executive director.

While the Swope regrets this occurrence, it has strengthened the security of the institution and the Museum will continue to work and protect the collection to the best of its ability and resources.  The staff of the Swope, the Board of Managers and Board of Overseers all thank the community for its continued support and recognition of our institution as a cultural treasure.

3 thoughts on “A Message from the Swope

  1. I don’t understand why people think it is ok to do such things. The art is here for everyone to enjoy. When someone comes along and takes it, they are not only taking it from the museum but from the people who enjoying looking the art.

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