Our Edward Hopper painting, Route 6, Eastham, is currently on loan to Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland. During this time, Fondation Beyeler is also temporarily closed to the public until further notice.
“The critically acclaimed Edward Hopper exhibition at Fondation Beyeler has been a huge success with the public. Of course, the temporary closing is disappointing news for everyone involved. But the well-being of our visitors and our staff is our top priority at this moment of uncertainty. We kindly ask for your understanding and hope to reopen our museum and the Edward Hopper exhibition in the near future.” – Sam Keller, Director of Fondation Beyeler.
Check out Fondation Beyeler and the Edward Hopper exhibition by clicking on the logo on the left. 

Explore Instagram posts about the exhibition by clicking the hashtag: #BeyelerHopper
Be sure to click HERE to view the exhibition catalog.
Click HERE to watch an interview with filmmaker Wim Wenders who talks about Hopper and the 3D film “Two or Three Things I Know about Edward Hopper”, which Wenders produced for the exhibition. (German language with English subtitles)
Click HERE to watch Wenders walk through the exhibition at the Beyeler and discuss his experience when he first encountered a Hopper painting. Unfortunately, the interview is in the German language and has no English subtitles, BUT! continue watching and you can see our Hopper in the exhibition space!

Label displayed in the Swope where the Hopper used to hang in our Haslem Gallery.

In the left of the image hangs our Edward Hopper painting, Route 6, Eastham, in the exhibition space at Fondation Beyeler. Photo courtesy of Fondation Beyeler.


During this time of social-distancing, be inspired and create a scene of you in your happy place.


Draw a picture of what your home looks like on a not-so-busy street.


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