I wonder what Wright would think

Working on the Samara House exhibition sparked my memory of childhood visits to Chicago and Wisconsin. I had cousins and grandparents there and spent significant time with them. We often went on excursions through interesting neighborhoods and to museums, but I do not recall ever visiting a Frank Lloyd Wright site. It made me wonder why we never toured the Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the area. After some reflection I realize that the houses now open to the public were probably still privately owned at the time.

I wonder what Wright would think of the fact that many of his buildings are now museums. It is flattering to know the designs are deemed worthy of preservation and the theories are being taught and spread. However, it is sad that the homes have become divorced from their original intent; no longer able to impact the life of an individual or family in the subtle way a space does when someone lives in it, experiencing it daily, hourly and minute by minute.

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  1. The idea of public museums is relatively a new one, and is a real progressive achievement of our society. Whether one is talking about paintings and sculpture or uniquely designed houses, it’s terrible when the best insights of art are available to only wealthy families.

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