Indiana art educators networking event.

I love networking, or smoozing as it’s more commonly known. Maybe that is why I am 1yr out of grad school, thoroughly employed in the arts, unwilling to say ‘no’ and loving every minute of it!
This networking event was fun. Firstly I got to go to Indy for the day, not bad. Second; all participants got 4 free tickets to the Egyptian exhibition at the IMA. Third; free food, really who doesn’t love that? It was GOOD food too, catered by the IMA’s resturant, Puck’s. *salivates* ohhh so good. Fourth; free drinks. No they were not alcoholic, but they had free ice. As much as you wanted. That’s classy. And last but not least; networking.
We received a lot of feedback about what art educators need/want from art institutions. Personally, as a new-ish employee in an art institution, it was all very helpful. I had no idea teachers liked scavenger hunts so much. Who knew, really? And man, free pamphlets? Might as well say free money. It was great!
Hopefully we’ll get more school traffic through the Museum because of this event. And maybe I’ll get one more job (to add to my 3.5 other jobs). Broad Ripple Magnet school…. here I come! *crosses fingers*

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