When may I register my artist for studio sessions?

2020’s public registration begins Wednesday, April 7th.
Enrollment deadlines are one full week prior to the first day of the studio session. Because of the small studio sizes, we encourage you to register as early as possible.

How much do studios cost?

Single-week sessions are $70 for Museum members ($90 for non-members)

Where are studio sessions held this year?

We are hosting Summer Art Studio off-site this year at Hawthorne Park. We will be stationed at Burkabyebyle Shelter which is where you will pick-up and drop-off your artist.

Will restrooms be available?

Yes, the park will sanitize the restrooms every hour and will be available to use. If an artist has to use the restroom, they will be assisted by two Swope staffers to ensure sanitation before and after use. We highly encourage artists to use the restroom before coming to their sessions.

Will there be snacks?

No, we do not offer or suggest that artists bring food or snacks in courtesy of those with food allergies. Please be sure your artist eats before coming to their sessions.

Can my artist bring a drink?

Yes, we encourage all artists to bring their own individual water bottles to the session. There will also be water provided in individual bottles.

What time do studio sessions begin?

Studio sessions occur Monday through Friday beginning at 9:00 am until 11:00 am.

How long is a studio session?

Sessions are two hours long.

How many artists are in each class?

Studio sizes are limited to 12 artists.

Are all materials provided?

Yes, all materials will be provided for each session. This year, artists will be given their own individual materials that they will be able to take with them at the end of the week. This is to limit the physical interactions between artists and the sharing of art supplies.

Can my artist attend a studio if their age is one year different than the age range given?

Exceptions to studio ages must be reviewed with each instructor and is based on the tools and materials used in the session.

My artist is enrolled in a studio session, but our schedule has changed or he/she no longer wants to take the studio. How do you handle cancellations and refunds?

Cancelling enrollment is simple; please contact Mallory Eilbracht, Coordinator of Summer Art Studio, before the studio session enrollment deadline, and the Museum will issue a refund.

This is a very unique time for everyone. If there are ever any questions or concerns about your artist, do not hesitate to reach out. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and concerns.

Contact: summer@swope.org