My name is Mallory Eilbracht, and this is the second year I have coordinated the Summer Art Studio. I began volunteering at the Swope as a docent back in 2016, then began working as a gallery attendant. I assisted with the Summer Youth Art Program in 2017 and returned to the Swope in 2018 for a Curatorial Internship in pursuance of my Masters. I then began coordinating the program in 2019 and am excited to be back for 2020. I received my Bachelor of Arts from Indiana State in Language Studies, with a minor in Studio Art and Art History, and received my Master of Arts from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany through their International Media Cultural Work program. In my free time, I enjoy experimenting with alternative process photography and exploring self-portraiture.



Hayley Bean is a multimedia art student who has a passion for clay-work and pottery design. She moved to Terre Haute in 2010 to pursue a higher education at Indiana State University and her passion developed into an extended study of clay, functional wares, and ceramic water-filtration technology. She has experienced unique opportunities in her field to further her career; like researching in Ghana with local Historians to working with the Sisters of Providence at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. Currently, she spends her time teaching and managing Deming Park Pottery for the Parks and Recreation Department of Terre Haute. This summer is her first year instructing at the Summer Art Studio, and on top of that, she has goals to organize with fellow potters and participate in the hometown Farmer’s Market at Meadows.

Korinne Cantin is in her eighth summer of teaching at the Summer Art Studio. She has been teaching art to K-8 students in local and neighboring communities for the last eight years. Korinne’s favorite part of being an art teacher is helping students use art to tell their stories. In her free time, Korinne enjoys working in her sketchbook with gouache paints and crocheting tacky sweaters.


Kasey Chew is the art teacher at Lost Creek Elementary School. This is her first summer of instructing at the Summer Art Studio. She loves teaching kids how to express themselves through art. Her favorite things about being an art teacher is incorporating other subjects such as Math and Science into the art curriculum, and teaching students the importance of being themselves! She is a mother of two beautiful little girls, one is ready for Kindergarten and the other is in diapers.  In her free time, she enjoys making handmade soap, playing guitar, and taking care of her chickens and pigs.

Cindy DeGrothy is a 1981 graduate from the University of Wisconsin, with a degree in Education – Behavioral Disabilities. Cindy has had a long career working with people of all ages with disabilities and in various capacities. She obtained a teaching license in Special Education-Mild Intervention in 2010 from Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods College and obtained a license in Special Education – Intense Intervention from IUPUI in 2016. She is currently employed as a teacher in the life skills classroom at Terre Haute North Vigo High School. She has also taught at the middle school level. Cindy loves art and enjoys creating beautiful things in her spare time.

Shayla Fish is in her fourth summer teaching classes at the Summer Art Studio. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Indiana State in 2016 and is currently teaching art at Sullivan High School. In 2016, Shayla received the Student Art Teacher of Indiana Award through the Art Association of Indiana. In her free-time, she enjoys creating her own artwork. She enjoys drawing, painting, and collages and has been published in many magazines and books with her artwork and unique lesson plans.

Lacey Lewis graduated from Purdue with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the end of 2014. She works full-time as an art teacher for Vigo County and part-time at Deming Park Pottery. She is a former gallery attendant for the Swope and is a returning instructor for the Summer Studio. Lacey loves art exploration and mixed media work. Much of the inspiration for her own work comes from nature, her family history, and her love of traveling.

Angel Spangler is an art educator who currently teaches art at the South Vermillion Middle School in Clinton Indiana. Angel earned her bachelors degree from Saint Mary-of-the Woods. She married her husband Todd in 1992 and their two children, Drake and Jade, were born a few years later.  In her free time she enjoys making art, traveling, reading, yoga and little adventures like hiking, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and bicycle riding. She has been teaching during the summer at the Swope Art Museum for almost a decade now.


Edward Trover received his Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. He currently works at the Swope Art Museum as the Curator of Collections & Exhibitions. This is Ed’s fifth summer teaching at the Summer Art Studio. As a studio artist, he enjoys printmaking, painting, drawing, and making whatever he wants.


Sarah Trover is the Program and Event Manager at the Vigo County Public Library. This is her first summer of instructing at the Summer Art Studio. She received her Master of Library Science this year and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her children, reading, and hiking.






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