No favorites?

I often get the question- “What is your favorite work in the collection?” or people ask me to make a value judgment on a work. It is awkward and I usually come up with a lame and boring answer like “I love all my children equally.” It would be disingenuous to say I am never drawn to or repulsed by a work of art. However, in general, and here at work, I just do not think in terms of like and dislike good and bad. I am more likely to be thinking “how does this fit visually, thematically and historically with other works?” Now that being said, I will admit to a revolving fascination with various aspects of various works. For instance lately I have found myself staring at the muted brown mustard and other colors in the Moses Soyer painting Studio Interior with Figure.  I can’t really say it is a favorite but something in those colors and their application keeps drawing me back.Moses Soyer, Studio Interior with Figure, oil, 1952, Gift of David and June Soyer 1981.14

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