Relief Printing with Markers

with Mrs. Cantin – Swope Art Museum – Summer Art Studio

In this video we will try out the relief printing technique using washable markers.

Materials List
foam from a Styrofoam plate or take-out box, cut to desired size
Washable (water based) markers
Paper towel
Ink pen or dull pencil


  1. Use a dull pencil or ink pen to draw a design into the foam printing plate. You will want to use enough pressure to feel your lines “sink” into the foam, but not too much as it will cause the foam to break.
  2. Using markers, add color to the entire printing plate
  3. Next prepare the paper for printing. Use the damp paper towel to moisten the paper. You want the paper to be evenly wet, but without puddles.
  4. Printing! To make a print you will place the paper on top of the printing plate. Next, apply pressure all over the paper.
  5. Remove the paper to reveal your print!

*You can clean your printing plate and print again and again! Several prints made from the same printing plate are called an “edition”.

This technique was adapted from a lesson from Cassie Stephens.

For more info visit her here:…

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