The Inward Eye: Richard Anuszkiewicz and William Blake

February 7 – March 8, 2014

Hodge Gallery
Sponsored by: Alliance of the Swope

Richard Anuszkiewicz (b. 1930) created the Inward Eye suite after a friend told him that his work brought to mind that of the English visionary poet-artist William Blake (1757-1827). One of the leading artists of the Op Art movement, in his work Anuszkiewicz explores the nature of visual perception. The rhythm that he creates through the use of geometric and linear forms and vibrating colors of equal value has sometimes been compared to the cadence of poetry.

Each of the ten prints in Inward Eye is housed in a folio that contains two excerpts from Blake’s writings. Anuszkiewicz selected texts that support Blake’s core belief that human beings achieve divinity when released from their limitations. Although Anuszkiewicz has a highly rational, scientific approach in his work, like Blake, he is interested in conveying feeling, explaining once that he wished to make “something romantic out of a very, very mechanistic geometry.”