Thoughts from a Visit to the IMA

Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing No. 652, 1990,
Collection of the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Who straightens the study table?

A Yayoi Kusama, I could fall into it and fall forever and ever.

Laylah Ali makes me think but also makes me giggle.

A lot of little men holding up the floor, or appearing to hold up the floor.

Holzer. Hmmm. I’m not sure what I think of her 20 years later. I read the Truisms and wonder.

Braque still life w two fishes is inspired…I guess Feininger in the European gallery makes as much sense as European artists who worked in America in the American galleries.

I love a good epergne.

“The Yellow Sail” by Redon, is happy with a wisp of melancholy.

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