Throwback to 1972: The 28th Annual Wabash Valley Exhibition

On view through September 19, 2015

Gallery Three

James Daniel Mellick recently contacted the Swope via social media to ask about his paintings Umbilical Totem and Nile Totem, which were purchased from the 28th Annual Wabash Valley Exhibition, held at the Swope in 1972. Mellick included a photo of himself and the Swope’s former director, Howard Wooden, Sr. Mellick also mentioned that the 1972 juror was none other than Pop artist Robert Indiana! The Swope will feature an exhibition of Indiana’s 1971 Decade portfolio in December, so the timing of Mellick’s inquiry was quite serendipitous and prompted plans for a small exhibition of works from the 1972 exhibition that will include both Totem paintings.