71st Annual Wabash Valley Juried Exhibition

June 27 – August 8, 2015

Haslem, Hodge and Gallery Three
Sponsored by: First Financial Bank

Events: Reception June 27, 3-5 p.m.

From heather ahtone:

Image courtesy of the juror
Image courtesy of the juror

It is an honor to serve as juror for the Wabash Valley Juried Exhibition for 2015. Thank you to the Swope Art Museum for extending this opportunity. In reviewing the submissions, the selection process included looking through all the art and then delicately working through the individual submissions to identify the strongest and most compelling works. After the selections were made, what emerged was an evident interest by the artists to address the interior experience of place and relationship. The earth is the most popular subject, both through subjectivity and reference. For a regional exhibition that is birthed out of the Midwest, as we are here in Oklahoma, this is a theme that pervades our daily experience and merits the attention.

The art ranges from pure abstraction of form to distortion, of both perspective and representation, to photorealism. Many of these artists created evocative images that speak to the distortion of our daily emotional and internal experiences. To do this without resulting in saccharine or cliché imagery is quite challenging in a world where these, unfortunately, pervade our media experience. In each of these works, the attention to craft and technique were marvelous. The painterly strokes, whether in oils, acrylics, or ink, felt fluid and intuitive. Those artists working in craft materials resisted the inclination to rely on simplicity, and this is what craft needs to become fine art. The other remarkable characteristic of note is the grand scale that so many of the artists are pushing themselves to achieve. Scale is such an important test of one’s capacity to maintain perspective and objectivity as an artist, any distortions are quickly out of control. Finally, the experimentation with materials was exciting. Several artists were working with the simplest of materials, cut paper or ceramics, that produced eloquent forms. It is rewarding to see the richness of the artistic community in Terra Haute’s “neighborhood,” so to speak.

Howard E. Wooden, Sr. Memorial Best of Show Prize
Earthscape 25, 2014, oil on canvas
Dan Annarino, West Lafayette, IN
Quinquagenary Grand Prize in Painting Given in Honor of Emily and John Gedrick upon 50 years of marriage, August 15, 2014 by their children and grandchildren
Faithful Nichols, 2014, oil on panel
Kyle Surges, Plainfield, IN
Phyllis Dye Turner Award of Excellence in honor Honor of Kristi Finley, Office & Publications Manager, upon her 20th anniversary working at the Swope Art Museum, Sept. 16, 2015:
Drowning, 2013, walnut ink on paper
Jason Kreuger, Terre Haute, IN
Alliance of the Swope Award of Distinction
Human, Human, Human, 2013, steel and plaster
Matthew Boonstra, Charleston, IL
Mary Ann Carroll Award of Distinction in memory of Elizabeth Carroll Shearer
The God Particle, 2013, steel frame with woven textiles
Emily Bennett, Terre Haute, IN
Alliance of the Swope Award of Honor
Central State Hospital, 2013, digital photography on archival paper
Sean Hoisington, Terre Haute, IN
Sheron Dailey Award of Honor in memory of Shirley W. D. Bennett
Blue Fracture, 2014, oil on canvas
Michael Pittman, Evansville, IN
Mrs. Sarah Decker Ning & Mr. Wilson Ning Award of Honor
in Syria, 2013, oil on canvas
Soulaf Abas, Terre Haute, IN
Tom & Barb Reed / Subway Award of Honor
Limestone Quarry, 2014, laminated print
Thomas Duffy, Bloomington, IN
Max Gibson Award of Recognition
Emergence Series #12, Book 1, 2014, wood, epoxy, metal, acrylic
Rod Bradfield, Terre Haute, IN
Sharron R. Jolly Award of Recognition in honor of Susan Baley, new Executive Director of the Swope
The Light Behind, 2014, archival digital photograph
Fran Lattanzio, Terre Haute, IN
Nancy and Fred Nation Award of Recognition
resurrection, 2015, recycled and collaged linoleum prints, shadow box frame
Kathleen Laufman, Plymouth, MI
Eileen Prose Award of Recognition in memory of Ted Prose
Thornwood Avenue, 2014, 25 c-print
Brennan Probst, Wilmette, IL
Barbara A. Vogel Award of Recognition
Horse in oil, 2015, oil
James Swanson, LaGrange Park, IL
Joan and David Zaun Award of Recognition
The Hidden Eve, 2015, acrylic
James Shephard, Terre Haute, IN
Danette Angermeier Memorial Award of Merit from the DAM Fund at the Wabash Valley Community Foundation
Sunstroke, 2014, oil on canvas
Joe Bartz, Fishers, IN
The Michael D. Buzash Annual Artistic Award of Merit
The Voyage, 2013, collage
Tina Banks, Indianapolis, IN
Anonymous Purchase Award
Beyond the Overpass, 2014, oil on panel
Nathan E. Taves, Columbia City, IN
Emily and John Gedrick Purchase Award
Brilliance, 2015, acrylic on canvas
Lizzy Rainey, Lafayette, IN
Candy and Rick Shagley Purchase Award
Oneness, 2014, ceramic, pinched stoneware, terra sigillata, smoke fired, wisteria vine
Peggy Breidenback, Indianapolis, IN
People’s Choice Award Sponsored by the Alliance of the Swope
To be determined

Additional Accepted Artists and Works

Pauline Amodio, Evansville, IN
The Candle Tree, 2013, oil on canvas
Deborah Anderson, Carbon, IN
Order and Chaos, 2013, inlaid wood
Dan Annarino, West Lafayette, IN
Earthscape 24, 2014, oil on canvas
Tina Banks, Indianapolis, IN
Cherry Blossoms Near the Dock, 2013, mixed media on wood panel
John Bennett, Rosedale, IN
Antler Shed, 2014, hand forged metal work
Courtland Blade, Indianapolis, IN
Untitled (Road side Indy), 2015, oil on linen
Saiti Booe, Clay City, IN
Archaic Blend, 2014, clay, colored slip, disposable plastic coffee lid, cardboard, coffee sleeve
Harry Breen, Champaign, IL
End of the Line, 2013, oil on linen
November Landscape, Jamaica, 2013, oil on linen
Lisa Daughtery, Rosedale, IN
One Love, 2013, mosaic scrap stain glass , gathered findings, cement grout on reclaimed window
John DenHouter, Edwardsville, IL
Mourning Mound, 2014, oil on canvas
Thomas Duffy, Bloomington, IN
Blue Wall, 2013, pigment inkjet print
David Erickson, West Terre Haute, IN
Bioaugmentation, 2014, relief print/ linocut, paperboard cut
Alyson Annette Eshelman, Springfield, OH
Finding Her Voice, 2014, mixed media. dress form paper collaged, acrylic paint, feathers, leather strips, wire bird cage, sculpey clay birds collaged,
Jeff Evans, Rantoul, IL
Rented Space #17, 2014, digital color photo
Deborah Goodin, Terre Haute, IN
River Bloom, 2014, photography on pearl paper
Cathleen Hogan, Terre Haute, IN
Synchronous, 2015, altered, wheel-throw & handbuilt stoneware
James Hubbard, Indianapolis, IN
Red Feather Lake at Dusk, 2014, multiple block linocut
Kristy Hughes, Indianapolis, IN
March, 2015, charcoal, ink, fumage, spray paint on paper
Virginia Kistler, Gahanna, OH
Agaricales Series 03, 2014, archival inkjet print – edition 1/12
Jason Krueger, Terre Haute, IN
Idebtity, 2015, oil, enamal, walnutink and pearlescent powder on canvas
Fran Lattanzio, Terre Haute, IN
Cycling Through 4, 2014, silver gelatin print
Patrick Martin, Terre Haute, IN
B_Big_Woods_Old_Back_Door, 2013, photo
Michael Neary, Lebanon, IL
A Man of His Time, 2015, misc. building materials and hardware
C. Maura Poshka, Paxton, IL
On this Moment, 2015, narrative collage laser print on acid free paper
Touching Mars, 2015, narrative collage laser print on acid free paper
John Puffer, Vincennes, IN
Across the Ohio: near Louisville, Kentucky, 2013, archival inkjet print
Gautam Rao, Indianapolis, IN
indians, alphabetically, 2014-2015, suite of 26 archival giclée prints
Lindy Reeves, Terre Haute, IN
Reluctant, 2014, oil paint on canvas
Robert Schwieger, Plainfield, IL
Altercation at 10th & M, 2015, screenprint monotype on glass reverse applied with gold leaf.
Orie Shafer, West Lafayette, IN
The back of a copy of Vermeer’s Milkmaid, 2013, oil and mixed media on canvas
Michael Tingley, Terre Haute, IN
Trying To Understand, 2015, prismacolor pencils on artboard
John Woodcock, Bloomington, IN
Late Winter Falls, Townsend, Massachusetts, 2014, digital photo, archival inks on paper; 2 of 12
Roller Girrls!, 2014, digital photo, archival inks on paper; 1 of 12
Taylor Woolwine, Cincinnati, OH
Nocturne III, 2014, oil on canvas